2016: In Review

It’s the end of another year of our lives.

As time goes on I’m finding it more and more difficult to differentiate between what I consider commercial work and personal project
based endeavours. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe my commercial work
becoming more personal is indicative of my style and vision becoming more
clearly focused (if you’ll excuse the pun).

In keeping with my unfloundering belief in Peter Van
Agtmael’s “distinct personal truth” I’ve spent most of my
photographic year engaged in a self involved, near narcissistic, attempt to
“bear witness” to my own life; distilling the results into something
of an ongoing extended visual diary. Projects no longer seem to have distinct
endings, finales, climaxes; instead bleeding influence and inspiration one into
the next.

I’ve taken far fewer photos this year than I would’ve
liked- but I remain unsure how many I’d have to take to be content with my
output. That being said, I believe I’ve made some of my finest images yet this
year. I’ve selected 15 of my favourite photos from my year
for your viewing pleasure; with a more calculated concept of who I am and what
I’m doing than I’ve had in years.

Be there. 

Hunt the light.

Find a subject that strikes a personal chord.

Communicate experience.

If all else fails: Ilford HP5.  F/8 at 1/125.

Have a great new year! 

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